Hair & Care TVC shows how to Twist and Turn

Be it a last-minute date, an after college party or a day out with girlfriends, there is much more you can do with your hair than just throwing it into a pony. Taking a slice of life from the young female audience, the new television campaign by Hair & Care, from Marico, introduces quick and easy hairstyling by promoting twist and turn hairdos. As part of the Twist and Turn campaign, the TVC hinges on the insight that there is no better way to change your look and make an impression than to change your hairstyle.

Hair & Care TVC shows how to Twist and TurnThe commercial has been created and conceptualised by Taproot India and the film has been directed by Ravi Udyawar. The film showcases a few quick and easy hairdos that will transform you into a new girl in college every day.

Explaining the concept behind the TVC, Pallavi Chakravarti, Associate Creative Director at Taproot India, said, “For our TG sameness is boring. Each day has to be different, each tale needs a twist. By highlighting Hair & Care’s new promise of Twist and Turn hair, the idea was to combine great hair styling and the excitement of doing something new with their fun, mischievous way of life.”

The campaign went live on digital before breaking on TV, given that the average youth today spends more time on the internet than TV. With the intent of popularising effortless twist and turn hairstyles made easy by Hair & Care amongst the style-conscious audience, the brand will be engaging with young girls on its Facebook page through styling tips, latest hair trends and a step-by-step hairstyling guides.

Shraddha Sharma, India’s first YouTube star and youth sensation, will continue her association with Hair & Care through an array of digital engagement activities planned for the new Twist and Turn campaign.


Best Hair Care Finds for March 2013, Bango, Wet Brush and Bio Follicle

Hair MVPs for March 2013: We experimented and tried out many new haircare items to find out which new products are worth the money—and found three of our favorites.

The best in new hair items and treatments, we used these three items and found them to be truthful in their advertising, and effective in their claims.

Best Hair Care Finds for March 2013, Bango, Wet Brush and Bio Follicle

Take us shopping with you:

The Wet Brush
Summary: The best de-tangler ever invented.

What comes in Classic Blue, Black, Pink, Purple ad Yellow? The Wet Brush does.

The best brush ever that can carve through curly, fine or wavy wet hair without yanking it out or causing pain of any kind.  The bristles actually gently grab the scalp for a pleasurable head massage.

The rubber coated non-slip handle is ergonomic, and feels great in the hand. Easy to clean and can stay in the shower too. Perfect for anyone with hair, and works brilliantly on wigs and extensions as well. Under $14 Continue reading

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap: Hair Care Hijinks

To Donald TrumpCelebrity Apprentice is “more than a just show” – it’s a reality TV landmark, he said last week in a spurt of typically self-congratulating rhetoric. But even Trump, who surely has seen his fair share of board room brouhahas, couldn’t believe what unfolded last episode when La Toya Jackson backed down from teammate and nemeses Omarosa, all but sealing her own fate. When this week’s episode gets underway, it’s Omarosa who is still trying to comprehend how she escaped the board room unscathed. And her teammates are none too pleased she’s still around. “If we lose [another task], honey,” Claudia Jordan tells her, “you gotta go.”

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap - Hair Care HijinksBoth teams reconvene in the Trump Tower lobby to receive their next task. It’s becoming ever more clear that The Donald prefers to work with the same companies each season. So with another season comes another Farouk Systems-related task. (For those not in the hair-care know, Farouk makes products such as Chi and Biosilk – the latter, we learn, is a woman’s best friend when it comes to volumizing). The teams will each construct an interactive marketing campaign for Farouk Systems using a glass truck as a live-action advertisement. The project mangers for the task are Jordan and Marilu Henner, for Team Power and Plan B, respectively. The winning PM will win up to $100K for her charity. Continue reading

Unlikely alliance presses Legislature to ease regulations on natural hair care

SALEM — It’s not often that theUrban League of Portlandand the libertarian-mindedCascade Policy Institutefind themselves advocating for the same issue.

Unlikely alliance presses Legislature to ease regulations on natural hair careBut there they were Tuesday afternoon as representatives from both groups asked lawmakers to ease regulations on natural hair care, a critical aspect of black culture. Oregon law currently prohibits natural hair care practitioners from braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, twisting and performing similar functions outside their homes without undergoing extensive cosmetology coursework.

House Bill 3409, which received a public hearing Tuesday in the House Consumer Protection and Government Efficiency Committee, would exempt natural hair care from the state’s barbering requirements. It would establish an online certification process for natural hair practitioners, similar to those seeking food handler’s licenses.

Portland resident Amber Starks took her natural hair care business to Vancouver after learning she couldn’t establish it in Oregon without undergoing about 1,700 hours of cosmetology classes, she said. Starks was also upset that she couldn’t volunteer her hair services to black foster children without breaking the law. Continue reading

Hair care tips for you

With just a little ‘regular’ care, you can make your hair glamorous. Mind you, the key wordis ‘regular’. You need to be consistent to see results. 

Hair care tips for youWash off the dirt and grime: Do not use harsh shampoos to wash your hair. Use only tepid tap water. Hot water should be avoided.

Use the right hair products: Avoid products with formaldehyde or alcohol – they will make your hair dry. Try to use natural products that are gentler. Consult a trichologist to find out the product that is right for you.

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is important for healthy hair and skin; so make sure to drink enough water. Eat fish, flaxseed, nuts and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Vitamin supplements containing biotin are also beneficial.  Continue reading

Expert tips for bad hair day blues

No matter how carefully you’ve put together your outfit for the day, bad hair can ruin it in an instant.
The state of one’s hair can speak volumes about your state of mind – frazzled hair makes you look stressed, dull hair conveys you’re tired and unhealthy.

Expert tips for bad hair day blues

Expert tips for bad hair day blues

“The main problems of Filipina women today when it comes to hair are hair fall, easy breakage and flyaways due to pollution,” said Katchie Mejias, hair and makeup artist for L’Oreal and winner of Mega’s Top Fashion Crew Season 1, Hairstylist category.
With their fast-paced lifestyles, women resort to blow-drying their hair in a frenzied effort to make their hair look decent, without giving their hair the necessary treatment.
“There are right products to use. They have to be PH-balanced, so it doesn’t do too much to your hair and gives you vitamins and nutrients your hair actually needs,” said Jacqueline Romero, corporate style director of Blo, America’s Original Blow Dry Bar, which recently opened its first two Asian branches—in Rockwell and Serendra.
Before you leave the state of your hair to fate, give your crowning glory its much needed attention by the following these hair care tips from Katchie and Jacqueline. Continue reading

Care for Hair in Summer is Important

Care for Hair in Summer is Important

Care for Hair in Summer is Important

Hair experts call in to safeguard the texture of hair from the scorching summer by following some simple step. Experts are of the view that like skin care, hair also needs special treatment and care to keep them healthy. Experts’ advice some tips to keep the health of hair intact through the summer season.

The tips include getting hair-cuts and trimming on regular intervals as they keep the appalling set of split ends in hair at a bay. Try and wash the hair every second day rather than on regular basis or washing it after more days than it requires. Experts are of the view that in summer hair attracts more dust due to presence of sweat, but washing it regularly can strip off its natural oils. And washing it too late after the presence of dust can invite dandruff.

Another important advice is of moisturizing hair. Like skin, hair also needs moisturizing and for that use of conditioner is essential. And also suggests that choose a conditioner which contains protein. Another method ofhydrating the hair can be the use of serum. Oiling once a week is another good method to keep the texture of hair intact and also adds shin to it.