Care for Hair in Summer is Important

Care for Hair in Summer is Important

Care for Hair in Summer is Important

Hair experts call in to safeguard the texture of hair from the scorching summer by following some simple step. Experts are of the view that like skin care, hair also needs special treatment and care to keep them healthy. Experts’ advice some tips to keep the health of hair intact through the summer season.

The tips include getting hair-cuts and trimming on regular intervals as they keep the appalling set of split ends in hair at a bay. Try and wash the hair every second day rather than on regular basis or washing it after more days than it requires. Experts are of the view that in summer hair attracts more dust due to presence of sweat, but washing it regularly can strip off its natural oils. And washing it too late after the presence of dust can invite dandruff.

Another important advice is of moisturizing hair. Like skin, hair also needs moisturizing and for that use of conditioner is essential. And also suggests that choose a conditioner which contains protein. Another method ofhydrating the hair can be the use of serum. Oiling once a week is another good method to keep the texture of hair intact and also adds shin to it.


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