Do’s and don’ts of Bro-hair care

Do: Shampoo and condition. It keeps the hair clean and soft. Oils help, too.

“When I grow a beard, I usually condition it, because it is kind of a rougher hair,” Paul says.

Don’t: Let snow and icicles accumulate.

Do: Use a strong-hold wax for styling.

Paul uses a wax that “holds like concrete.”

You’ll wake up with beard hair sticking out in different directions, he says, but at least it’ll stay in place the night before.

Bill likes Firehouse Moustache Wax, which donates a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Don’t: Leave food in your beard or mustache.

Wives are kind enough to point out a crumb here or there, but you have to learn to feed yourself a little differently.

“You require more napkins,” Bill says.

Do: Use a straw.

“Yogurt and smoothies are a nightmare. Like a shake, you don’t want to eat a shake unless you have a straw,” Paul says.

Sources: Bros on Broadway participants Paul Ouradnik and Bill Lempe


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