Expert tips for bad hair day blues

No matter how carefully you’ve put together your outfit for the day, bad hair can ruin it in an instant.
The state of one’s hair can speak volumes about your state of mind – frazzled hair makes you look stressed, dull hair conveys you’re tired and unhealthy.

Expert tips for bad hair day blues

Expert tips for bad hair day blues

“The main problems of Filipina women today when it comes to hair are hair fall, easy breakage and flyaways due to pollution,” said Katchie Mejias, hair and makeup artist for L’Oreal and winner of Mega’s Top Fashion Crew Season 1, Hairstylist category.
With their fast-paced lifestyles, women resort to blow-drying their hair in a frenzied effort to make their hair look decent, without giving their hair the necessary treatment.
“There are right products to use. They have to be PH-balanced, so it doesn’t do too much to your hair and gives you vitamins and nutrients your hair actually needs,” said Jacqueline Romero, corporate style director of Blo, America’s Original Blow Dry Bar, which recently opened its first two Asian branches—in Rockwell and Serendra.
Before you leave the state of your hair to fate, give your crowning glory its much needed attention by the following these hair care tips from Katchie and Jacqueline.

1. Drink biotin.

For those with dry, damaged and falling hair, drinking biotin or Vitamin H can work wonders.
“Biotin is a natural vitamin that you can get at any drugstore that will already improve their hair greatly,” Romero said.
Those who undergo fad diets and are under a huge amount of stress usually suffer from hair fall. Taking biotin regularly, coupled with a healthy diet, will help you grow hair back. Try adding walnuts, said to be the healthiest nut, in your diet, as it is rich in biotin and Vitamin E.

2. Alternate hair products.

Romero advises choosing two good hair products that your hair respond well to. Switch these two shampoos alternately, so your hair doesn’t get used to anything.

3. For those with thin hair, avoid thermal styling tools.

Women with thin hair have to be more careful, advises Mejias.
“Limit or avoid use of thermal styling tools. When using a blower or drying hair, be sure to use velcro rollers,” she said. Use products for volume and which has fibers in it to instantly lift up hair and give it more life.

4. Shampoo every other day, moisturize and use serum.

Especially this summer, hair tends to be dry and frizzy. Keep your hair from getting dry by shampooing every other day and applying conditioner daily instead.
“Use conditioner after every shampoo and leave-on serum after hair is dried,” Mejias said.
Hair serum forms a thin protective layer on the hair strands, protecting it from sun exposure. Before applying serum, make sure your hair is towel-dry. Apply two to six drops in the palm of your hand and rub it onto your hair, concentrating on the ends of it. Brush your hair and blow dry for a good five to ten minutes to make it soft and shiny.
You can also purchase a leave-on constructor, which functions the same way as hair serum.
Jacqueline said, “whether you’re going to blow-dry your hair or not, putting it on your hair will help slow your cuticles and fill in any dry areas so that it feels more lustrous.”

5. Don’t stress your hair cuticles; use treatments occasionally.

The proliferation of hair treatment promos causes women to have their hair treated frequently – hair coloring the first, then digital perming the next.
Too much chemicals cause hair damage. “Avoid use of chemicals like coloring and rebond or blowout. Let your hair have time to breathe,” Katchie said.


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