Hair Care Tips for Spring: Shiny and Thicker Hair with Easy Tips from a Celebrity Stylist

Even though a major snowstorm is brewing in my hometown of Chicago, spring has sprung…I promise.

Forget the flakes (on the ground) and the parkas. Enough of the sweaters (designer or otherwise) and those cushy Ugg boots. Another thing I’d like to pack up for the season: My straw-like winter hair that goes every which way thanks to the cold outdoors and the heat indoors.

The great news is spring is lurking for your midlifer follicles. But just like that spring cleaning that’s on the list of “to do” items, you also must do a little spring sprucing up when it comes to your hair.

Tina Lewis, a national style expert with Hair Club, gave me some great tips to do a little spring tune up on your locks. Here is a celebrity stylist’s best hair care tips for shiny and thicker locks:

Step One to Restore Your Hair’s Luster: Start With Your Diet.You are what you eat…including your hair. Tina says, “One of the healthiest fish you can eat is salmon. It’s loaded with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for overall scalp health. ” She adds, “Vegetables like spinach and broccoli help to produce sebum, an oily substance secreted by glands attached to the hair follicle. Sebum conditions and moisturizes hair, helping to prevent it from drying out.”

Step Two: Go to your Hairdresser – Stat. “Getting a monthly trim immediately improves the look and condition of hair,” Tina says. “New ends are also less subject to static and frizz.” She adds, “Do avoid salon treatments like bleaches and dyes if your hair is especially dry after the winter months.”

Step Three: Recondition, Recondition, Recondition: Winter is dry, which kills your hair. “The winter air outside is drier due to colder conditions, as well as inside due to heating in buildings,” says Tina. “To restore some of the moisture lost during the winter months, it is all about deep conditioning.” Her best tip in this department? “Using conditioners with a lower molecular weight will allow or moisture to be delivered deeper into the hair and won’t weigh hair down.”

Step Four: Focus on Multivitamins.  Tina says an easy way to restore your hair’s health after a long winter is to take a multivitamin that contains these four essentials for healthier, stronger hair. “Biotin is the most important supplement you can take. Biotin is vital for hair growth and strengthening both hair and nails,” Tina says.

“You should also take vitamin B to help enhance fullness and the way your hair looks by promoting blood circulation to the scalp. It also prevents premature grays and hair loss while stimulates growth,” she says.

“Vitamin C influences how hair maintains its color and the right level of moisture.” Finally, she advises that you make sure to include Vitamin D, which helps your hair grow and protects it from drying and breaking.


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