Skin n Hair Care Tips Before Holi

Holi is a festival that is known for its exuberant colours and maddening celebrations. However, your skin and hair are usually ignored during the Holi celebration. Every year, you are in a dilemma just before Holi. You want to go out and play with colours to the fullest. But your mind restrains you and reminds you about the damage that Holi colours can cause to your hair and skin. But with the right skin care for Holi, you can easily protect your skin and hair from Holi colours. The trick of doing the right kind of skin care for Holi is to be consistent. We all know that applying oil on body is the best skin care tip for Holi. But if you do it just for one day, your skin protection will not be complete. You need to have oil massages for at least two to three days before Holi. As far as hair care for Holi is concerned, oiling your hair is the best way to protect it. Moreover, tying your hair carefully will also provide protection from colours. Applying sunscreen is also an important skin care tip for Holi. The summers have just started and you need to protect your skin from the scorching heat. Here are some skin care and hair care tips that need to be followed before Holi.


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