Best Hair Care Finds for March 2013, Bango, Wet Brush and Bio Follicle

Hair MVPs for March 2013: We experimented and tried out many new haircare items to find out which new products are worth the money—and found three of our favorites.

The best in new hair items and treatments, we used these three items and found them to be truthful in their advertising, and effective in their claims.

Best Hair Care Finds for March 2013, Bango, Wet Brush and Bio Follicle

Take us shopping with you:

The Wet Brush
Summary: The best de-tangler ever invented.

What comes in Classic Blue, Black, Pink, Purple ad Yellow? The Wet Brush does.

The best brush ever that can carve through curly, fine or wavy wet hair without yanking it out or causing pain of any kind.  The bristles actually gently grab the scalp for a pleasurable head massage.

The rubber coated non-slip handle is ergonomic, and feels great in the hand. Easy to clean and can stay in the shower too. Perfect for anyone with hair, and works brilliantly on wigs and extensions as well. Under $14

BANGO by Pro Beauty Tools

Summary: Bangs need constant tending, this tool makes anyone able to artfully wisp out or blunt cut a proper bang.

Inexpensive tool to keep looking sharp. BANGO by Pro Beauty Tools is a patented at-home hair trimming tool that has three comb tension settings to hold hair as tightly as a stylist, and has straight and arched cutting edges and cutting teeth for texturizing ends.

Follow the included instructional video to whip your hair style into stylish shape.

Bottom line: Helps cut hair evenly and quickly. Convenient and easy to use
Packaging Contains the following: 1) Bango Haircutting Tool 2) 5 ¿” Precision Shears 3) 2 Sectioning Clips 4) Comb 5) Instructional DVD. Made in China. Under $14

Bio Follicle’s™All Natural & Organic Hair Support System: Shampoo, Condition & Spray

Summary: All natural topical solution that is cruelty and paraben free and made in the USA.

What it does not have:  No Petroleum Products, Parabens, Silicones, Synthetic Fragrance, Perfumes Botanical Perfumes, Artificial Colors, Formaldehyde or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

What it feels like: Upon shampooing and conditioning with the Rosemary and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, your scalp tingles and feels energized as the ingredients from the HSS Spray begin working to help combat hair loss.

What it does:  This three step support system was developed to work in concert together enhancing a healthy scalp through therapeutic botanical activity.

This pill-free easy to use invigorating topical spray comes in two (2) formulas and two (2) sizes engineered to work synergistically above and beneath the scalp: an important and essential factor required for stabilizing hair loss & bringing follicles back to the growth phase. By increasing blood circulation and awakening the tissue of the scalp, these premium plant derived all natural and organic hair loss prevention topical sprays will help stimulate hair growth, making it useful in cases of thinning, shedding and premature balding in both women and men.

Science supporting claims:  A clinical study conducted on 38 men and women with varying hair loss severity showed Bio Follicle as an effective hair loss prevention treatment. After only four weeks of treatment, 89% of the study’s participants experienced a significant decrease in hair shedding, with no significant unwanted side-effects. Many of the subjects with early stages of hair loss experienced new hair growth and a reversal of the hair loss process. Entire system under $80.



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